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FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) August 20th - August 27th

By: kathleen Category: Week In Review Posted: August 30, 2016

It was a quiet week in the code with some minor build updates and improvements. The FreeSWITCH configuration audit has begun with initial minor commits and will continue throughout the year. If you are looking to volunteer to help with that or would like more information email or join the Bug Hunt on Tuesdays at 12:00pm Central Time.

Join us Wednesdays at 12:00 CT for some more FreeSWITCH fun! And, head over to to learn more about FreeSWITCH support.

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

  • FS-9442 [Debian] Tweak the packages to properly install the debug symbols via freeswitch-all-dbg and freeswitch-meta-all-dbg
  • FS-8608 [configuration] Beginning the default configuration and a first step is establishing that parameters should have dashes

The following bugs were squashed:

  • FS-9443 [core] Fixed a segfault caused by SDP in a verto.invite with missing ICE candidates
  • FS-9447 [mod_avmd] Increased the number of samples to skip to avoid false beep detection on some voicemails for Windows
  • FS-9452[libsofia] Fixed the true/false logic for using destination flag
  • FS-7706 [mod_callcenter] Hangup agent channel if we failed to bridge it with member channel

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