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FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) February 4th - February 11th

By: kathleen Category: Week In Review Posted: February 13, 2017


Join us Wednesdays at 12:00 CT for some more FreeSWITCH fun! And, head over to to learn more about FreeSWITCH support.

New features and improvements that were added:

  • FS-10017 [freeswitch-core] Add rtp_nack_buffer_size to control how many rtp packets are saved.
  • FS-10015 [freeswitch-core] Add variable to allow firing of text events

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging: - FS-9924 [CentOS] Removed libvpx dependency from SPEC file. - FS-10010 [Windows] Fixed the windows WIX installer by including a proper vc runtime - FS-10027 [build] Fixed a build error on rpi2

The following bugs were squashed:

  • FS-10026 [mod_verto] Reduce attach_wake calls by caching it
  • FS-10031 [mod_conference] Fixed an issue with personal canvas mode doesn't switch layouts properly when a group is specified
  • FS-10025 [core] Fixed global symbol scope issue causing modules to use another modules global pointer
  • FS-10022 [mod_sofia] Add "none" as valid answer for tls-verify-policy
  • FS-10021 [RTP] Large RTP timestamp jump when system clock is late from internal timer
  • FS-9137 [mod_openh264] Update to openh264 release 1.5.0 and tweak some params to update to openh264 release 1.6.0
  • FS-10020 [mod_av] Fixed an issue with error scrolls endlessly on a recording that fails to rtmp address
  • FS-10019 [mod_conference] Fixed a crash when playing mp4 in personal-canvas mode
  • FS-10012 [mod_callcenter] Enabling bypass media if agents leg have bypass_media_after_bridge=true
  • FS-9904 [core] Cleanup and refactor msrp
  • FS-9576 [core] Add positive response to uuid_send_text
  • FS-10013 [fail2ban] Several bugfixes

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