[FS-5159] Don't play exit and enter sounds async and allow to select if MOH (if playing) in wait_mod conference should be interrupted by the exit and enter sounds Created: 08/Mar/13  Updated: 11/Nov/14  Resolved: 07/Nov/14

Status: Closed
Project: FreeSWITCH
Component/s: mod_conference
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Fix Version/s: 1.5

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Reporter: Hristo Trendev Assignee: Mike Jerris
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I was experiencing the following problem:

If enter and exit sounds are longer in duration (for example if they are set to play a caller name recording), then the announcement that plays on exit is mixed with the "alone-sound" and MOH. This is generally not a problem if the exit sound is just one "beep", but in all other cases it results in playing the announcements/MOH simultaneously and making them hard to understand.

This patch does the following:
- only starts MOH if no other file (both sync and async) is playing
- adds a variable "conference_permanent_wait_mod_moh" that controls the behavior of how the enter and exit sounds interact with the MOH when wait_mod is set. I will accept any shorter or better variable name suggestion.

Currently the enter sound interrupts the MOH, but the exit sound is mixed with the MOH. The "conference_permanent_wait_mod_moh" variable when set will always keep the MOH playing in "wait_mod conferences", even during enter/exit sounds. When not set, the current behavior (interrupt the MOH) for the enter sound is preserved and additionally the exit sound will now match this behavior as well. This should resolve the problem reported by the following user: http://lists.freeswitch.org/pipermail/freeswitch-users/2012-September/087717.html

Comment by Brian West [ 19/Feb/14 ]
If you have patches for this issue that need to be updated for use with MASTER please do so ASAP, If this is an issue where the problem persists please response and provide additional details after you test again on Stable and/or Master. If your issue is a feature request please follow up and express interest in the features that aren't complete being done via a bounty or possibly a community member.

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Comment by Hristo Trendev [ 05/Mar/14 ]
uploaded new patch version, which applies cleanly to v1.2.stable (0ca2878) and with offset to master (6ed4ad7)
Comment by Hristo Trendev [ 24/Jun/14 ]
Is there anything I can do to further improve this patch? It has been running in production without any problems with the 1.2-stable branch for more than a year now.

The second version of the patch still applies cleanly with offset to master and v1.2.stable as of today. I will appreciate a better or shorter name for the "conference_permanent_wait_mod_moh" variable which simply controls if the MOH in a "wait_mod conference" is interrupted or not by the enter and exit sounds.
Comment by Brian West [ 04/Sep/14 ]
If you would like to interact with us on reviewing this patch to speed inclusion, Please join us Thursday, September 11th at 2PM Central time, Via sip:888@conference.freeswitch.org or via Verto at https://conference.freeswitch.org/verto/

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Comment by Hristo Trendev [ 30/Sep/14 ]
created pull request #68
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