Never fear RC2 is here!

As we approach our 1.0 release you can expect FreeSWITCH to only get better moving forward. We have a quote from someone in our user base:

"Routinely my freeswitch routing servers reach > 400 sessions Per Second (where they are rated limited) and > 4000 concurrent Sessions (where they are also limited) with approx 20% CPU utilization and 30% ram utilization on a Dell 1950 w/ Dual Xeon E5335 2Ghz Quad Core CPUs and 4G of ram" Any SPS and Concurrency limiting is done not to protect my boxes but upstream peers I have had atleast 3 occations where Large Tier 1 / Tier 2 Intl and Domestic US LD Carriers have asked for mercy one called saying "Can you please slow the traffic up, you are melting down my {CENSORED} SBCs" well the vendors in question that I know for a Fact are Veraz and AcmePacket."

Please download, test and provide feedback.

For more info please check us out on IRC: #freeswitch on

You can download RC2 here!


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