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Packing Tech for your Trip

By: Abbi Minessale Category: Blog Posted: November 02, 2017

ClueCon is a long nine months away, but in honor of our EARLY BIRD SALE, I am dedicating this weeks blog to preparing for trips that require tech!

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your phone…DUH

your laptop…DUH

Small Hiking Backpack-

My number one suggestion is a nice hiking backpack. Tech bags can get heavy. Really heavy. Getting a bad specifically designed to hold a lot of gear without breaking your back is a good idea.


This is a good idea for long plane rides. Upload some books, movies, and silly games from the app store before you board to keep you entertained. Bonus points if it has a standing case so you can watch movies without craning your neck.

Bluetooth Headphones-

Personally, being tethered to my devices drives me nuts. Especially on a plane or taxi. If you bend over to get something out of your carry on, you risk accidentally yanking them out of your ears. Bluetooth headphones are so convenient and help you travel easily. Bonus points if they’re noise cancelling, planes and cities can be noisy when you’re trying to sleep.

Universal Adapter-

If you are traveling internationally, a universal adapter will make your life so much easier! You won’t need to bother with bringing multiple different adapters or chords! You can bring your regular chords and an adapter and you’re good to go!

Battery Pack-

Or two! It’s 2017, one of the worst tragedies in every day life is the loss of battery. Fear not! Remember to bring your power banks and you will never need to face this problem!


Not everyone has tethering in their data plan, but it is a great idea!

Actual Pens and Actual Paper-

Ahhhh, nostalgia. Sometimes a situation calls for a real pen and real paper. Maybe your phone died and you need to write down an address. Maybe you want to doodle? Who knows!


Who doesn’t get hungry durning travel? If your body is the computer, food is your battery level, so snacks are your power bank! Don’t leave the house without the power bank!

A Travel Router-

You never know when the WiFi will fail you, so it’s smart to bring your own router. The best part about travel routers is that they often contain a variety of features! Some are portable batteries and storage.


Bluetooth Keyboard-

Sometimes you don’t want to bring your entire laptop to specific events. Or maybe your laptop is checked and your tablet is in your carry on and you need to get work done. This keyboard can help you out!


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