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The FreeSWITCH 1.6.10 release is here!

By: kathleen Category: Releases Posted: August 25, 2016

The FreeSWITCH 1.6.10 release is here!

This is also a routine maintenance release. Change Log and source tarball information below.

Release files are located here:

New features that were added:

  • FS-9192 [mod_sofia] Added renegotiate-codec-on-hold parameter for proxy hold when proxy media and proxy mode are disabled; it’s similar to proxy-refer
  • FS-9276 [mod_sofia] Added proxy in-dialog calls sip notify and info similar to proxy hold
  • FS-9440 [mod_sofia] Add transfer_destination
  • FS-9154 [libsofia] Add & remove video on re-invites
  • FS-9009 [mod_avmd] Add amplitude estimation
  • FS-9069 [mod_avmd] Add detection time to beep event
  • FS-9287 [mod_spandsp] Add channel variable to make spandsp_start_tone_detect easier to use from dialplan/embedded scripts.
  • FS-9310 [mod_sms_flowroute] Added native support for Flowroute SMS API over HTTP(S)
  • FS-9264 [mod_dptoolsAdd detect_audio and detect_silence API calls
  • FS-9230 [mod_conference] Customize video muted banner
  • FS-9441 [mod_conference] Add the option to not beep between dials in outcall
  • FS-9281 [mod_verto] Add support for QQVGA resolution in Verto
  • FS-9256 [mod_v8] Add DB.Finalize() in order to close statements.
  • FS-9419 [mod_commands] Add event_channel_broadcast api

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

  • FS-9263 [build] Attempting to find the proper lua5.2 version on openbsd
  • FS-9260 [build] Fixed make detection to not fail on openbsed,  fixed libtoolize detection to attempt to find libtoolize the same version as specified libtool, and added -ltermcap for openbsd so it can correctly link to libedit
  • FS-9403 [build] Add timestamp for when user was pushed into queue that lives with the channel
  • FS-9449 [build] Enable clock calibration and clock_realtime on Solaris
  • FS-9424 [build] Define byte order correctly on Solaris/SPARC
  • FS-9317 [configuration] Added screen share examples to the vanilla configurations
  • FS-9350 [configuration] Add mod_av commented to modules.conf.xml
  • FS-9320 [mod_local_stream] When the entity playing the local_stream video file has a greater or equal frame rate, reduce the buffering
  • FS-9315 [mod_http_cache] Added support for video file formats
  • FS-9386 [mod_snmp] Use net-snmp-config for SNMP libs if available
  • FS-9385 [mod_conference] Check for ghosts before destroying a conference
  • FS-9161 [mod_verto] Added example Verto settings to example configs
  • FS-9362 [mod_sofia] Fixed sofia compile error on newer clang included in new osx
  • FS-9447 [mod_avmd] Increase default value of samples to skip to increase robustness against false detections
  • FS-9439 [mod_loopback] Check chained loopback for loopback_bowout
  • FS-9447 [mod_avmd] Fixed PRId64 on Windows
  • FS-7534 [Ubuntu] Added sysvinit-utils dependancy for ubuntu to debian
  • FS-9442 [Debian] Tweak the packages to properly install the debug symbols via freeswitch-all-dbg and freeswitch-meta-all-dbg
  • FS-9373 [Debian] Added mod-verto and mod-rtc to freeswitch-meta-all package

The following bugs were squashed:

  • FS-9244 [core] Fixed debug lines
  • FS-9265 [core] Fixed an issue with receiving INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION when there is no RTCP
  • FS-9292 [core] Fixed a core dump while playing videos or showing images usually with a high number of callers
  • FS-9312 [core] Fixed and unreachable code block in switch_core_media
  • FS-9328 [core] Fixed switch_jb_peek_frame bug where it uses the len of the whole packet and does not subtract the len of the rtp header when copying and returning the size of the packet read.
  • FS-9337 [core] Fixed invalid sdp generated with soa disabled
  • FS-9352 [core] Fixed overzealous ptime adjust issues on opus
  • FS-9355 [core] Fixed a segfault in case of null frame
  • FS-9356 [core] Fixed an issue with DTMF not recognized when coming from a Cisco SIP trunk
  • FS-9289 [core] Fixed a MOH issue with b side hold causing silence for the a leg
  • FS-9365 [core] Fixed the SDP format on reply to RE-INVITE to be RFC-4566 compliant
  • FS-9357 [core] Handle packet loss and reset decoder on memory error
  • FS-9382 [core] Fixed an issue with video broken between two users in verto
  • FS-9390 [core] Fixed a ‘Segmentation fault’ during call setup
  • FS-9369 [core] Added the variable add_ice_candidates=true to enable inserting ice candidates in outgoing sdp
  • FS-9436 [core] Fixed RTCP PLI media source SSRC not updating after re-INVITE
  • FS-9422 [core] Fixed an issue with Freeswitch Exit/Crash on SDP negotiation by removing renegotiate-codec-on-hold and renegotiate-codec-on-reinvite
  • FS-9410 [core] Fixed PLI Missing Media Source SSRC
  • FS-9423[core] Handle null value in ACL list name
  • FS-9434 [core] Fixed the SDP parser in sofia not recognizing UDP/TLS/RTP/SAVP
  • FS-9380 [core] Fixed a problem with ext-rtp-ip not being used when originating
  • FS-9443 [core] Fixed a segfault caused by SDP in a verto.invite with missing ICE candidates
  • FS-9401 [core][mod_amqp] Fixed a leak in usage of hash itterator
  • FS-9357 [verto communicator] Fixed an issue with VP9 codec screensharing on mod_conference (mux/transcode) not working
  • FS-9342 [verto_communicator] Fixed a problem with settings not being saved when closing the settings panel
  • FS-8761 [libsofia][mod_verto] Fixed a memory leak
  • FS-9452 [libsofia] Fixed true/false logic for using dst flag
  • FS-9375 [mod_sofia] Fixed DTMF not working on OPUS after call transfer
  • FS-9423 [mod_sofia] Handle null value in ACL list name
  • FS-9183 [mod_sofia] Handle 415 Unsupported Media Type as 488
  • FS-9376 [mod_sofia] Fixed a hold negotiation problem on a call received from a Cisco Session Manager
  • FS-9381 [mod_sofia] Fixed a leak in sofia_presence_chat_send
  • FS-9368 [mod_sofia] Fixed a problem with errant duplicate video frames causing video recording issues
  • FS-9241 [mod_sofia] Use tls_public_url instead of tls_url in INVITE Contact when NAT is detected
  • FS-9316 [mod_sofia] Fixed an issue caused by INVITE with empty SDP from Cisco VCS not setting up video
  • FS-9333 [mod_sofia] Disable video refresh by sip INFO by default because this method is outdated
  • FS-9297 [mod_sofia] Fixed multiple crashes from passing invalid null values in sofia.conf
  • FS-9301 [mod_sofia] Handled a race condition on startup of mod_sofia with error conditons causing segfault
  • FS-9271 [mod_conference] Fixed a segfault trying to record a canvas that does not exist
  • FS-9221 [mod_conference] Add inactive support for calls to prevent termination if just the video stream is removed
  • FS-9303 [mod_conference] Removed unnecessary checks as the video flag is not sent to file open unless using transcode mode, you can record mp4 but it will only contain the audio if in passthru mode
  • FS-9305 [mod_conference] Fix for fs_cli crashing due to vid-logo-img incorrectly being set to nothing after originally setting it to a bad image
  • FS-9307 [mod_conference] Fixed a race condition caused by trying to use a closed file handle when playing a video file after closing files before video threads are done
  • FS-9314 [mod_conference] Fixed a crash when starting conference in mux mode while specifying or defaulting to a layout group that does not exist. We will now fall back to transcode mode in this case
  • FS-9353 [mod_conference] Fixed a problem with clear-vid-floor producing an error while working
  • FS-9425 [mod_conference] Fixed a copy and paste error where the height was not set properly
  • FS-9437 [mod_conference] Delete avatar if video is enabled mid-call
  • FS-9267 [mod_cv] Fixed an issue where the VPX codec returns the same image to the core when doing repeated decoding. Updates to that image match the updates to the stream so if a media bug modifies the image between key frames it messes up the picture until the next key frame is received.
  • FS-9283 [mod_hiredis] Fixed an issue with using hiredis_raw on channels without media such as an originate
  • FS-9302 [mod_mongo] Fixed mongo_find_one and mongo_find_n to return -ERR when the connection to the database fails
  • FS-9313 [mod_opus] Fixed sprop_stereo interpretation causing bad audio
  • FS-9345 [mod_httapi] Fixed an issue with HTTAPI truncating a string when responses span multiple packets
  • FS-9296 [mod_httapi] Fixed video support
  • FS-9343 [mod_smpp] Fixed a problem with failing to send a message via Nexmo
  • FS-9259 [mod_spandsp] Fixed a missing “m=image 0” when replying to INVITE with disable image line
  • FS-8783 [libsrtp] Fix alignment issue
  • FS-9394 [mod_av] Fixed the h263 leak
  • FS-9409 [mod_av] Wait for avformat reader thread before reading to prevent spurious EOF and skipped playback
  • FS-8783 [libsrtp] Fix alignment issue
  • FS-9415 [mod_spy] Increasing loop so we can also look for variable_verto_user and variable_verto_host to fix mod_spy not reacting on verto channels
  • FS-7706 [mod_callcenter] Hangup agent channel if we failed to bridge it with member channel.

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